The ORU App

The ORU Mobile Research App allows us to capture ‘in-the-moment’ research regardless of location - unlocking smart phone functionality and App capability to gain richer and deeper insights.

In-store shopper behaviour, Ethnography, Diary style projects, ‘location’ and ‘time’ specific research are some examples of the research that the ORU App will enable.

  • Capture of respondent’s location (via GPS)
  • Allows respondents to upload photos / videos / audio (voice)
  • Scan bar codes and QR codes
  • Sync with device calendars / set alerts – ideal for diary style projects
  • Standard question formats – ranking, grids, sliders, open-enders, show video, images and more
  • Allows respondents to give feedback offline

To discuss your project and tap into our experience using the ORU App please contact us.