Integrate ‘mobile’ effectively

The take up of smart phones and tablets has presented researchers with a new set of tools and techniques to engage with consumers and businesses on-the-go. As mobile devices become inseparable from their owners, new windows are opening up for researchers to gain deeper and richer insight. The ORU is focussed on assisting you unlock this potential.

With a detailed and evolving understanding of our panellists’ mobile usage, attitudes, preferences and mobile contact details we are perfectly positioned. Whether it’s via an SMS invitation, email linking to a mobile-optimised survey, or utilising The ORU research app, which allows consumers to access surveys in-the-moment, the ORU is here to offer advice and guidance on the ‘how’ and ‘when’ to effectively build mobile into your research.

ORU mobile is a powerful combination of the ORU’s industry-leading consumer and business panels with the latest mobile tools and techniques. We’re here to help you move with the changing world.

deeper and richer insight
building mobile into your research effectively
moving with the changing world